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Notes for choosing hostel

Hostel is a form of accommodation is very popular with backpacker because the rate is cheap and it is quite interesting. However, you should also think carefully before deciding on any hostel. Here is some information about hostel that Eviva Tour Vietnam wants to give you to help you get an interesting trip.

Notes for choosing hostel

Hostel, dormitory (dorm), guest house is the popular choice of many young people when traveling. In the hostel / dorm, visitors often have to sleep on bunk beds or many single beds which are placed in one room. In addition, the kitchen and the bathroom are also shared with other guests. Staying at the hostel can help you save money and deliver exciting experiences, for example you can meet many people from many places and acquire useful information. But staying in hostel is not always convenient, and you should consider carefully before deciding to pay or make reservation.


Each hostel has an “atmosphere” that you will easily recognize when you see pictures or your first impression when you arrive . Normally, you will see two basic types of hostel: hostel to rest and hostel to party. Hostel to party is colorful with the bar inside. Vibrant music can be played out until midnight . Another kind of hostel is to rest after a day which design is suitable for bathing, relaxing and reading, especially it has fairly clean toilets.

Value for Money

Many tourists chose hostel based on price. However, the cheapest hostel may be not an ideal place to stay in. The expensive hostels is usually managed by Hostelling International (HI), an association is presented in 80 countries with more than 4,000 members. Quality often comes with the prices; the expensive hostel will have breakfast, internet, free safety box, private bathrooms and a few other small services. Hostel generally has very few amenities with just bed, bathroom and kitchen. Like the hotel, you should consider what your needs are. Sometimes, if you just give a little more money, you will not have to go out for breakfast or you will have a private bathroom with hot water. Choose the cheapest place but should also ensure that the facilities meet your basic needs.


The cheaper hostel is, the more dangerous you might face because hostel are usually owned by individuals with small number of staff and security systems are not really safe. Cheap hostel is not repaired and maintained frequently. You will easily recognize (or you have experienced), the hostel is very cheap with broken door handles, bathroom is cramped and dirty, there is only one staff at the reception desk, rooms and beds are old and can be broken at any time …


There is a general rule, the closer to the center, the more you will have to pay for a hotel or hostel. If you select outlying hostel, you need to consider: Is thereany public transportation nearby? Is it safe for you at night or not? How much does it cost to go by taxi from your hostel to the attractions? A tip for you is choosing hostel which is only 20 minutes away from the city center (by train or car) because if you miss a train or car, you will not have to pay so much money for a taxi at night.

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